HOTT MT @ Permanent Records - 10/6/12

Permanent Records wasn’t officially part of Eagle Rock Music Fest, but they piggybacked on the fest and scheduled a day of live in-stores anyway, one of which included HOTT MT. Thanks and no thanks because that only complicated my fest “plans”. Fortunately, the music gods were kind tonight as I managed to make a complicated getaway from the main fest over to Permanent Records just in time for HOTT MT.

The shop hit the lights and the band kicked into their first jam “You Know When You’re Right”. I wish the lights stayed on because they essentially played in the dark save for the one light illuminating only the drummer. For a band as colorful physically and musically as HOTT MT, they deserve to be seen as well as heard. And, selfishly, iPhone photos don’t turn out well without proper lighting — apologies to my Instagram followers.

HOTT MT played a fun set satisfying my recent obsession with them. Their whatchamacallit psych pop, dream gaze is well balanced between the dancey upbeat vibes and the atmospheric sequences. In fact, it’s kinda ridiculous how good HOTT MT are. They’re just kids but they write such beautiful, mature songs — stuff that betters anything the Passion Pits and the Grizzly Bears and such will ever touch. Seriously.

Dangerous, though, is their recent collabs with Wayne Coyne and The Flaming Lips. HOTT MT’s latest single "Never Hate Again" features Coyne, and too much of any press on the band talks about Coyne and The Lips rather than HOTT MT themselves. I’m nearing that territory right now.

Anyways, I have high hopes for HOTT MT. I can’t wait to hear more music from them and I look forward to seeing them in a proper venue next time.

Zoo status: not a zoo!